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What is tempering?

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Tempered Glass

Tempered glass exhibits approximately fivefold greater durability compared to untreated glass, making it an ideal candidate for safety applications. Its tendency to fracture into small, dice-sized fragments upon breakage significantly mitigates the risk of injury. This enhanced safety feature is a result of the tempering process, which entails controlled heating and cooling stages. Through this process compressive stress is introduced to the outer glass surfaces along a horizontal axis, while indirect tensile stress is developed at the glass center. The meticulous application of specific temperature parameters during tempering minimizes any marks, which, if present, would be considered as defects.

What is tempering?

In essence, tempering is the process of enhancing glass's resistance to breakage. By subjecting the glass to a heating temperature of 700°C and then rapidly cooling it with a blast of air, its breakage susceptibility is significantly reduced. When considering the purchase of tempered glass shower cabins, it is crucial to choose reliable shower cabin companies. This precaution is essential because some companies that offer Chinese shower cabins, often referred to as "under the counter," may forego the tempering process to cut costs and sell their products at lower prices, potentially compromising safety.

Tempered glass shower cabins can accommodate various features such as jacuzzis and compact systems, all while offering patterned or unpatterned designs. Even smoked glass options are available for selection. Furthermore, a wide range of commonly used patterns can be applied to tempered shower cabin glass surfaces.